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Pot of Gold is dedicated to providing you with a private & professional gold, diamond & luxury timepiece selling experience. We believe that you should get the most for your gold & diamonds jewelry with privacy, ease and trust. We believe that you deserve the fairest price with complete transparency. Whether you’re becoming “unhitched” or looking to turn an undesirable heirloom into cash towards a vacation or simply looking to privately purge some dusty old jewelry, we are here for you to give you an unsurpassed selling experience.
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Unhitched ? Uncoupling ?

The process of selling your engagement or wedding ring can be bittersweet. Whether you have been through a divorce, or inherited jewelry from a loved one or relative, we understand the sentimental and emotional value a diamond ring may bring. We are here for you every step of the way while selling your diamond. You might be unsure of where to start or who to trust. Selling your engagement ring to Pot of Gold will be a straightforward and easy process.

Personalized Service

We understand that the decision to sell is a personal one and you deserve the utmost respect and confidentiality. Pot of Gold has several selling options one that allows you to sell your goods in the privacy of your own home, or in the ease and comfort of our office.


We’re open, honest, and straightforward. If you can get a better deal somewhere else, or if we’re not interested in buying your piece, we will help you find someone who will!


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Our reputation is everything. Our parents taught us all about doing the right thing a long time ago, you’ll never have to question our integrity.


Your place or ours? We have a code of privacy ethics in which we follow that provide the highest respect and privacy.

Highest Prices Paid

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We are going to offer you the best price the first time, everytime