The #1 reason our customers sell their gold is because they don’t wear it! Maybe its broken, or Grandma passed down incredible gold pieces but there is simply no use for you wearing outdated jewelry.
Selling your gold is a great way to make some extra cash. The process for selling your gold to Pot of Gold is easy. Your gold is valued and determined by the weight and karat of the gold. The more gold you have to sell, the higher the overall payment. After we have determined the value of your gold, we will make you an offer with immediate payment.
At POG, we buy all types of precious metals including gold and platinum too! We buy all solid gold but at this time  we do not buy gold plated items.
As buyers we are educated in buying all types of precious metals, and have worked hard to make the process easy for you! If you’re not sure whether your item is a precious metal, no problem! We will do all the testing for you to give you the best price for your gold.
Gold on scale to determine worth
Chart for gold purity showing Karat, Parts Gold, Hallmark, Gold %

How do you know what type of metal my items are?

We inspect your jewelry for standard markings, called Hallmarks. These help us identity the items purity. We can often identity where the item was made, what karat the metal is and sometimes the designer.
Next we use a magnet to test for solid gold, silver or platinum. If an item is not solid gold, the magnet will attract to the jewelry. It’s that easy!
After your jewelry passes the magnet test, we use both Kee Gold testing tools as well as acid testing to determine purity.

How We Determine The Value of Your Diamond

At Pot of Gold we thoroughly examine and test your diamonds to confirm its authenticity. When examining your diamonds, we are looking at the 4C’s: Your diamonds color, clarity, cut and carat size. This information will factor into your offer amount. Below we have explained this further!


Within the diamond world, the less color the better! Colorless diamonds (D, E, and F) as well as near colorless (G, H, I, and J) will be worth more than diamonds with a lower color grade and show more of a yellow tint.


The cut of the diamond will affect how the diamond takes and release light AKA, it’s sparkle! Diamonds with an excellent or very good cut will be worth more than diamonds with a fair to poor grading.


Does your diamond have inclusion or blemishes on the stone? Has it been clarity enhanced? The placement, number of inclusions, and size of the inclusion can greatly affect the stones worth.


The apparent size of the diamond according to its weight. Keep in mind, the larger the diamond doesn’t always mean the cost will increase. The clarity, cut and color mean more sometimes than the carat weight!