5 Things To Do With Your Money Once You’ve Sold Your Jewelry

We all daydream of what we would do with some extra cash in our pockets…

Maybe, we dream of blowing it all on an extravagant shopping spree? 

Perhaps, we squirrel it away for a luxury vacation? 

Or, maybe we spend it on something bigger and better than anything we have ever owned before?

When you have spare money, the opportunities to treat yourself are endless!

Everyone loves bonus funds, especially after selling a piece of jewelry that has been weighing you down for quite some time. 

What will you do with your additional paycheck? Here are five things to help you decide what to do with your moola once you’ve sold your jewelry: 

  1. Travel

Picture relaxing on the white beachy sands, or venturing off on a hike in the mountains. You can get quite a pretty penny for selling fine jewelry, especially when you sell your items to Pot of Gold! Invest some of that cash into a travel fund and start planning your next adventure. Wherever you decide to go, now you have the money to do it, so let your greatest travel dreams run wild. 

Does planning a trip overwhelm you? Use a travel company, or book a vacation with the help of friends. Now that you have shed the past from that old engagement ring, it’s time to make new memories and treat yourself to the adventure that you have been vying for. 


  1. Pay Off Your Debt

If you are responsible and resourceful, using your money to pay off your debt is a sound choice. Some (more than others) would prefer to spend their extra money on a gift for themselves, but if you are trying to get ahead of the game and improve your financial status, this is an ideal option for you. 


  1. Take A Class Or Start A New Hobby

Now is the perfect time to splurge on those paddleboarding lessons, or try out that new aerial yoga studio by your house. Activities and hobbies cost time and money. Selling a family heirloom or an unworn jewelry item will give you the cash you need to explore a new, exciting activity. Use this time to think about something you have always wanted to do and something that you have ever been curious about trying. Now that you have the money, you won’t have an excuse not to do it!


  1. Throw A Divorce Party

This one might be a tad over the top..but who cares! This is YOUR money, and YOU get to decide how you spend it! 

You’ve been through the wringer these past few months, and now that you are finally shedding the last connection to your previous partner, it’s time to celebrate! Hire an expert party planner, devise an extravagant get-together, and invite all of your nearest and dearest friends to celebrate you and this new chapter. 

Plus – the release of an old tie to your ex is almost as good as the cash in your hand after selling that princess cut diamond engagement ring 🙂


  1. Buy Another Piece of Jewelry 

You can still show appreciation towards your family heirlooms without keeping it unused and unworn in a jewelry box. 

If Grandma’s diamond pendant is not quite your style, we get it! Sell your grandmother’s necklace for something that still holds her vintage piece’s sentiment while also resembling your personality. 

Use the cash generated from her vintage necklace to purchase a jewelry item that is more your style, such as a diamond fashion ring, or maybe an elegant gemstone bracelet. The possibilities are endless with Pot of Gold; plus – we know the best jewelry stores in the area to refer you to!

If you are looking to sell your gold, diamonds, or fine jewelry, Pot of Gold has got you covered! We are here to help you cash in your jewelry and spend it on something that truly matters to you. Contact us now for more information on how you can sell your jewelry today!

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